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Les gens sont prêts selon un US officie...

par Jeromec, mardi 17 mai 2022, 15:14 (il y a 82 jours) @ Jeromec

Bref extrait de la conférence avec un segment vidéo d'un présumé ovni

Intelligence Committee Analyses Navy UFO Video - Awkward? Highlights from the Public UFO Hearing

In this clip, the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, Scott Bray, shares UFO footage taken by a Navy pilot during the first-ever public UFO/UAP Hearings in decades. In the clip, Bray answers questions about the footage, and explains why it is considered to be an "unknown" - or unidentified aerial phenomenon/unidentified flying object.

What do you think of this case presented to Congress, and the hearings in general? Let me know in the comments!

A quand une telle présentation au Canada?:-D

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