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Des ovnis à Fabreville (île Jésus-Laval)

par Jeromec, dimanche 22 mai 2022, 18:53 (il y a 127 jours) @ Jeromec

Le Vieux fou au Prince Philipp, le diable ait son âme, 99 ans... était un fan d'ufologie...

Prince Philip Was Super Into Aliens and UFOs, Apparently
The late Duke of Edinburgh subscribed to a magazine called ‘Flying Saucer Review’ and had a library of books about extraterrestrial encounters.
by Jelisa Castrodale

prince philip was super into aliens
Image via Getty

When author Philip Eade started work on his biography of Prince Philip, he originally thought that he’d be focusing on a different subject entirely. “The idea for this biography came a little unexpectedly from a book I briefly toyed with writing about prominent ufologists in the period just after the Second World War,” he wrote in the introduction to Prince Philip: The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II. “I was struck by the revelation [...] that Prince Philip’s equerry once went off at the prince’s bidding to meet an extraterrestrial humanoid at a house in Ealing.”

Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband of more than 70 years, died last Friday at the age of 99. In the days since, we’ve been reminded that, much like your mom’s cousin Randy, the Duke of Edinburgh also spent the past few decades without an identifiable day job, dabbled in racism, and was really into aliens.

According to Eade's book, Philip was a longtime subscriber to a British quarterly called Flying Saucer Review (no, really) and exchanged regular letters with Timothy Good, a ufologist and author who has described himself as the “leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence.” In one letter, Philip wrote that there are “many reasons to believe that [extraterrestrials] exist,” because “there is so much evidence from reliable witnesses.”

Philip shared this enthusiasm with his equerry (an officer of the royal household), Sir Peter Horsley, who later became the deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Air Force Strike Command. Shortly after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in the summer of 1953, Prince Philip reportedly gave Horsley the go-ahead to look into any credible accounts of alien encounters or UFO sightings.

“Prince Philip was open to the immense possibilities leading to space exploration, while at the same time not discounting that, just as we were on the fringe of breaking into space, so older civilizations in the universe might already have done so,” Horsley said, according to Eade. He also admitted that the prince allowed him to invite several people to Buckingham Palace to talk about their extraterrestrial encounters. Apparently, Philip and Horsley thought this was “a method as effective as any truth serum,” and that nobody would chat shit in front of a member of the Royal Family. .'.

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