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Maladies Orange, citron... d'agrumes

par Jeromec, jeudi 19 mai 2022, 07:38 (il y a 49 jours)

Ces dernières semaines, j'avais constasté l'Absence d'oranges de qualité sur les tablettes... les raisons évoquées sont les maladies qui déciment les récoltes d'agrumes.... la pire crise depuis 75 ans...

After the worst orange harvest in 75 years, Florida growers are trying to combat a deadly citrus disease
By Business InsiderPublished : May 19, 2022 - 10:23 Updated : May 19, 2022 - 10:23
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Florida oranges had their worst crop in 70 years. They're facing a deadly disease called citrus greening, spread in the body of the invasive Asian citrus psyllid. Today, nearly every citrus grove in Florida is infected with the disease. If an orange tree were to remain untreated, the disease would block its ability to get nutrients and kill it within a few years. But Florida's growers have figured out a way to keep growing edible oranges, even on infected trees. They've implemented a slew of horticultural techniques developed with scientists at the University of Florida, from pink clay to reflective mulch. But they still haven't found a long-term cure. We went to central Florida to see how growers and scientists are keeping the big business of oranges alive.

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